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MCPOA to Cease Operation June 30, 2017

The Montague County Property Owners Association is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to informing and protecting all property owners, both city and rural.  Montague County is blessed with rich resources of good hard working people, abundant water, oil and natural gas and some of the most scenic land in Texas.


The natural resources of Montague County are an asset well worth our prudent, educated development today.  Preservation of these rich resources is a must for future generations.  Because of the separation of surface estate and mineral estate laws in Texas, sometimes hard choices are presented that cause conflict between the owners of the two estates.


The MCPOA was organized as a countywide association to educate ourselves and exchange ideas concerning problems currently confronting Montague County property owners, both present and future.  As the county grows and becomes an energy hub, everyone should have a voice, be heard and represented whether you own property with or without mineral interests.  All citizens should have a vote on the future concerning energy development, electricity and water rights and usage.


Meetings are quarterly when called throughout the county with guest speakers who can inform property owners and educate them concerning their interests.  Speakers include people from government from all levels, representatives from all kinds of energy, taxing authorities and development planners.


Informed and educated citizens make better choices.